The Challenge

Energy companies spend significant amounts of time in contract administration on repetitive, manual, and error-prone processes. These processes often require manual data entry, rules enforcement, and data verification. Additionally, these heavy rules-based processes are often supported by disparate data, which traditional systems struggle to manage successfully. These challenges combine to deliver work that is cumbersome, labor intensive and error prone.

How Machina Can Help

The following are a few of the benefits a successful implementation of RPA can provide to alleviate these challenges:

  • Cost reduction achieved by reducing the effort required to complete mundane tasks
  • Improved efficiency and oversight through the implementation of traceable automation of repetitive tasks, freeing up team members to focus on higher value analysis and decision-making activities
  • Increased accuracy and elimination of errors achieved through the automation of data entry and data verification tasks
  • Improved customer experience based on quicker turnaround times and fewer errors
  • Faster customer onboarding