The Challenge

Energy companies are struggling to implement and manage the tools required to maximize profitability for their trading desks. Despite substantial growth in the use of ETRM solutions in recent years, companies still find themselves with a dizzying array of enterprise and niche systems, often supported by complex customizations and legacy spreadsheets.  This complexity is combined with ever growing pressure to gain better market visibility, to provide complete and accurate reporting for the management of positions and risk exposure, and to comply with constantly changing regulatory requirements. 

How Machina Can Help

The following are a few of the benefits a successful implementation of RPA can provide to alleviate these challenges:

  • Cost reduction achieved by reducing the effort required to complete mundane tasks
  • Increased accuracy and elimination of errors achieved through the automation of data entry and data verification tasks
  • Reduced risk and regulatory exposure through automated compliance practices
  • Reduced cost and improved efficiency achieved by freeing team members to focus on analysis and decision-making rather than policing activities